The advertiser portals are created automatically in case you select to include links to them in your outgoing emails templates for proposals and invoices. The portals are RunMags hosted, secure and responsive web pages where advertisers can view their proposals, digitally sign agreements and pay invoices online using their credit card.

RunMags uses as payment gateway and this is how you connect your Stripe account to RunMags.

Including a portal link in your outgoing email templates

A user with Administrator access can edit the email templates.

Go to System settings >>> Email templates.

The portal link can be applied to any template you want to. It's a simple "click here" link that takes the user to their encrypted URL where they can access their proposals/agreements and also set up their credit card for paying their invoices. Each contact has their own unique URL, which you also can find if you look up the contact in the CRM.

In this example we will edit the email template that is used to send out proposals to get them signed by the client.

Editing the email template

Find the Send advertising agreement template and click Edit to open it up.

Craft your email and put your cursor in the location where you want the "click here" link to appear in the email. Click the placeholder button in the toolbar (circled in red) and select the { AdvertiserPortalLink } placeholder. You can also simply type it if you prefer that.

Click Save to save your template.

From now on when you send proposals via email they will include that link and if the client clicks the link they will be directed to their portal.

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