Out of the box, RunMags comes with a set of email templates that are used to send out individual and bulk email to advertisers and subscribers.

To edit the email templates, go to Admin >>> System settings and locate the tab called Email templates.

Highlight a template and click the orange Edit button to edit it. The naming convention of the standard email templates should be fairly self explanatory. 

The templates can be edited using the text editor toolbar in RunMags or in html if you so prefer.

On the far right end of the editor toolbar you can click a button to insert placeholders in the template, for example { FirstName } for the first name of contacts at an advertiser that you're sending a proposal to.

Common place holders

{ UserEmailSignature } - a users email signature as specified in Company settings
{ CompanyName } - the advertiser organization name
{ FirstName } - the advertiser contact first name
{ LastName } - the advertiser contact last name
{ AdvertiserPortalLink } - "click here" link for advertiser to access portal with eSign, etc

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