A user with Administrator rights can delete users to make them inactive. For example, this is used when employees leave the company to prevent them from accessing the system.

Go to Admin >>> Co-workers and click the Search button.

Locate the user and click to select. Then click the View details button.

Uncheck all the tick boxes and then click the Delete button.

RunMags comes with unlimited users so there is no need to reduce the number of users you have. Rather, keep freelance users that you work with now and then and only delete users that probably will not come back to work at your company.

By saving the users in the database, you ensure that activities, meetings, emails, etc. are kept in RunMags for future reference.

Like with other top level records in RunMags, the name of the deleted user is displayed in red text.

If you ever want to search to find deleted users you just click the radio button Show deleted or Only deleted.

A deleted user can be brought back to be used. This can be used if an employee left the company and came back later.

To bring them back, click the Undelete button.

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